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Cannabis is leading the way for a more holistic type of medical care, a general revolt against corporate rationed care and traditional pharmaceutical company approaches to medicine. Patients use marijuana to get off toxic drugs. They find fellowship in compassion clubs. They find empowerment in fighting against prohibition, standing up to police and demagogues. Our opponents can threaten our freedom, but they can't kill our spirit.

Tod Mikuriya, 2001 --as quoted by Pete Brady

Cannabis Writings: Research, essays, and commentary dating from 1965 to the present. These writings--published and unpublished--highlight Dr. Mikuriya's unique views on medicinal cannabis. With his psychiatric background, Dr. Mikuriya quite often elicits a view that is found nowhere else.

Vaporization Page: Vaporization offers the benefits of smoked of cannabis (rapid onset and ability to self titrate) without the harmful effects. Includes pictures, essays, and how-tos, if you are seeking quality information without the vendor hype, this is your place to find it.

Ethnographic Writings: Written mostly in the '60s, these canabis related ethnographic studies are full of rich and usefull information.

Marijuana Medical Papers 1869-1972: originally published in 1972, virtually out of print. If the medicinal cannabis movement has a single beginning, this book is it.

Since the passage of CCUA in 1996, Dr. Mikuriya has given numerous presentations to a wide variety of groups and organizations on the law and medical marijuana. Some of these presentations have been collected here.