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Cannabis Presentations


Following are highlights of presentations that Dr. Mikuriya has given since the passage of CCUA in 1996. These presentations are given here in two formats ppt and html. To view the ppt presentation you must have Microsoft Powerpoint installed. A free Powerpoint Viewer is available for Windows from Microsoft.

For convenience and for those who utilize different computing platforms, the presentations have also been rendered in html. Powerpoint is notorious for writing terrible html, we apologize for the appearance of some of these presentations. While this writer despises Internet Explorer, you may have a better viewing experience by using it to view the below html links. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.


2001 Cannabis in California: Proactive Structuralism vs Mis and Malfeasance ppt / html

2002 Cannabis Substitution: Harm Reduction Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence ppt / html

2002 Cannabis in California: Proactive Structuralism versus Rosemary’s baby covens ppt / html

2002 Medical Marijuana: Health Risks and Benefits in California ppt / html

2003 Medical Uses of Cannabis in California ppt / html

2004 Federal Response to CCUA ppt / html

2004 Cannabis: A Unique Analgesic ppt / html

2005 Implementation and Compliance: Non-compliance, inactivity, confusion, and collusion ppt / html